Self Titled

by Handsome Mansion

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Recorded at Q Division in Somerville March 7th and 8th. All songs written by Dicky Stock with major help from Justin, Scott, and Natan


released June 9, 2015

Handsome Mansion:
Dicky Stock - Guitar/Vocals
Justin Maillet - Guitar/Back up vocals
Natan Keyes - Bass
Scott Cappellini - Drums/Back up Vocals

additional back up vocals by Chris Johnson and Chris Brat

Engineered by Chris Johnson at Q Division
Mastered by Chris Johnson at Moontower

Artwork by JohnnyInParis



all rights reserved


Handsome Mansion Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Acid Caravan
Behaved, Betrayed
More attention should have been paid
To these cretins who aren't complex
To these assholes with their hands around my neck

The hypocrisy is stunning
They ain't too bright
but they sure are cunning
Narcissism 's not funny
But that's just who they are
Track Name: Quint Avenue Blues
I don't care like I cared before
I cared back then, I don't anymore
My head is reaching up
But my heart is on the floor
I'm a wasted bore
And an eyesore

I walk by the place I proposed
Everyday on my walk home
Then I'm home alone cus that ship did sail
To some far away port, never seen again


I rip butts 'til my throat is toast
And I smell like shit, I'm fucking gross
Then I kiss the bottle 'til it all goes black
And I'm covered in shit, lying on my back


Loved you from the git go
Love you 'til I die
Loved you on that Boston street
The day you said goodbye
Track Name: Astronaut
Are you out at some bar?
With him, in some fancy dress?
I'm at home, I'm in bed, I am all alone
With spaghetti on my chest

Woke up with trash in my bed
Woke up with trash in my heart
Self deprecation like this has become
Such a fine art

My life is grey walls
And fluorescent lights
Damp feet and cold hands
On the coldest nights
Bugs crawl in my face
While I am asleep
Delivering bad dreams
And such heavy grief

If I were an astronaut
You wouldn't be my fucking moon
3 AM you're with him
I've got a satellite in my room

And in the end the bed I make
Is equal to the hearts I break
And in the end the bed you make
Was your mistake
Track Name: Dog Song
I remember the walk in the park
I remember how quick it went dark

I remember the look on her face
I remember the look of disgrace

The time will come when the sun will set
On our barren empire and you can bet
The fires will bring saints that sin
And the holy mother will devour her kin

At the end of our time and you can guess
Your educated mind was meaningless
At the end of our time, is it really that stunning?
Your educated mind should have seen this coming
Track Name: NoWifeNoKidsNotNowNotEver
No wife no kids not now not ever
No wife no kids not now not ever
No wife no kids not now not ever
No wife no kids not now

Nice cushy job, yeah for good reason
That thirty year mortgage is a thirty year prison
Baby is crying, yeah your marriage is dying
They say they're faithful, they're lyin'


Now your poor kid thinks the nanny is mother
Cus' you're just too busy, yeah you can't be bothered
Fucked up sister's got a fucked up brother's got a
Fucked up deadbeat father

Track Name: How Steve Dyer Got His Groove Back
Under this pale blue moon it's us
Enjoying youth, and getting drunk
I'm gonna bring the booze, Steve's gonna bring the funk
And this rooms so full of smoke
Flipp's got crown, Jeff's got coke*

Buenos dias motha fucka motha fucka
Buenos noches motha fucka motha fucka
En la tierra de mofetas,
el hombre sin nariz

Holy shit this fucking shit is laced
Me and Benny are so, fucking shit faced
Robitaille's mixing beers and vermouth
Flipp's passed out, on the fucking roof
Track Name: Wet Leather
I put a gimp mask on my baby
So he won't bite his daddy
I put a gimp mask on my baby
Because he is so baddy
I put a gimp mask on my baby
You know it makes him saddy
I put a gimp mask on my baby
Because he is so naughty

Discipline! Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!
Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!
Discipline! Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!
Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

When it presented me with the wet leather
I knew it had been a bad slave
I told it to go to it's room
Its room is a cage in a black hole
In a black room in a black house
In a black world
Track Name: Contrived
I clung to the branches not the roots
And I became the shit at the bottom of their shoes
Destined to fail and born to lose
Never picking up on any of the clues

Seeing through the bullshit's contrived
When you're wearing the glasses that they prescribed
Live like that? I'd rather die
I'm not living "an eye for an eye"

Swung when I shoulda' stepped away
Telling me to leave, I am begging them to stay
Every single second of every single day
Never gonna change

The third verse, similar to the first
Repeatin' myself until it hurts
Ain't no blessing, it's a fucking curse
This curse gets worse

Track Name: Brotherhood Of Death
I hope no one ever sticks a knife into my face
I hope no one ever beats me to death with a bat like a brat
Like Jack to Scat, get an axe into my back
Please don't do that, that is all that I ask

Cus I
Never want to die
I just wanna live my life
I never want to die
I never want to

When I'm in my coffin
Or my body's burnt to dust
My memory will wither
And my soul will surely rust


Spent my life in and out of bars,
Will I spend eternity among the stars?
Will I find my answers? Will I find more questions?
Will I lose myself? Will I learn life's lesson? X2